Queensbury Cycling and Walking Improvements

Cycle Queensbury has been in discussion with Bradford Council and the following improvements are planned:

1.Great Northern Railway Trail Crossing at Cockin Lane
mprove the safety for trail users in crossing this busy road.

2. LInk from Old Guy Road to Brighouse/Denholme Road

mprove the surfacing of this path so that it is suitable for road bikes, enabling them to avoid the congested section through Mountain.

3. Signage to Great Northern Railway Trail at top of Station Road, and at Woodsley Fold.
rovide clear signage to the trail, at the top of Station Road, similar to the signage at the Thornton end.

4. Footpath linking Ashlar Grove to Deanstones Lane

Improve the surfacing of this footpath, enabling easier access to Deanstones Lane (and therefore Queensbury School, and the High Street.

5. Sowerheads / Footpaths around Harron Homes Estate
We also looked at existing footpaths around the Harron Homes estate, used by children to get to Queensbury School, Russell Hall, and Shibden Head – in particular Sowerheads (the path leading from the High Street, past the Cemetery, to Deanstones Lane. The Council’s Rights of Way Team have been given the task of seeing if these existing footpaths can be made more pedestrian/buggy friendly.

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