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Thinking of taking up cycling but not sure if you will like it?

We have a small number of loan bikes of all sizes – from children’s to adult’s. These have been very kindly donated by members of the local community.

For a returnable deposit, you can borrow a bike for a four week period, and this can be extended if it is not needed elsewhere.

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2 thoughts on “Borrow a Bike

  1. Pam Sorrenson

    Hi,I’m interested in borrowing a bike. I’m want to “try before I buy”. Not ridden for years and totally unfit and thought this would be a great way to do things before I buy my own. If you have one available from 4th June it would be ideal as I am on holiday that week and my 10 year old son can give me a few tips
    Thanks in advance

  2. Jennifer Battersby

    Good Afternoon

    Normally I ride on the roads but looking at taking up off road.
    I ride with Queensbury Queens of the Mountain & they have a leader from British Cycling coming to lead an off road ride.
    I don’t currently own a MTB but would like to attend this ride & to ascertain the type of MTB to buy.

    The time I would like to hire would be a Wednesday evening in August but the date is yet TBC. Do you have anything suitable & available?

    Thank you
    Kind Regards



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