What is Cycle Queensbury?

Cycle Queensbury is a Community Organisation, set up in Queensbury’s 150th Anniversary Year, to “Get Queensbury Cycling”


Queensbury is a hill-top villlage and there is a perception that cycling is not a practical form of transport – “it’s too cold”, “it’s too hilly”, “it’s too dangerous”. Half the primary schools train their pupils in Bikeability, but pupils are often left without the support of their parents and other adults to continue cycling. And yet a small number of residents use a bicycle as a daily form of transport without issue.

We plan to build on children’s innate interest and skills in cycling as a way in to encourage adults and the broader community back into cycling through family events and activities.

With Britain’s success in the Olympics and the Tour de France, cycling is benefitting from a high profile. There are a number of regional and national initiatives aimed at promoting commuting and leisure cycling which we can take advantage of.

What we want to achieve

  • A ‘cycle culture’ within Queensbury community where – with the support of ‘Cycle Queensbury’ – residents have the skills and confidence to cycle safely on roads, and see cycling as a viable alternative means of day-to-day transport and as a leisure activity.
  • More journeys made locally by bike rather than further afield by car, reducing congestion in the village, and bringing more trade to local businesses.
  • More people from disadvantaged groups (low-income, disabled) cycling as a result of barriers of affordability and resources being removed.

How we are going to achieve it

  • Draw on the skills, experience and enthusiasm of the local cycling community,
  • Tap into local and national initiatives aimed at promoting cycling as a green and healthy method of transport.
  • Provide a programme of support, training, and activities.

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